QuickDraw Group Shot

Platforms: Available soon on PlayStation, Mac and PC!
Media Press Pack

QuickDraw is a gun-slinging homage to traditional Western films and Victorian pistol duels. A no-screen, digitally-enabled game for two to seven players using PSMove controllers, the goal is to be fastest straight-shooter around. As in the Wild West, stare your opponents down with your best John Wayne or Clint Eastwood impression. As it reaches high-noon, make sure you take those varmits down in a blaze of glory.

Alternatively, take on your foes in the Victorian era and enact the Code Duello to restore your honour. Settle on a random number of paces, turn your back and walk. Do you trust your enemies enough not to shoot you in the back? On the sound of the church bell, make sure to spin round & fire your PSMove pistol and be claimed the winner.

Tense“, “nerve-wracking“, “awesome” and “just pure fun” are some of the statements given for Quick Draw.

Special Mentions

“The brilliant party game QuickDraw [..] and screenless wonder GlowTag”
– Jeffrey Matulef, Eurogamer

I love games that not only encourage, but require, getting friends together in physical play [and QuickDraw] certainly fulfills that need
– Ben Kuchera, PennyArcade

QuickDraw is the J.S. Joust of Mexican Standoffs
-Chris Priestman, Indiestatik

Looks awesome, can’t wait to try it!
-Douglas Wilson, JS. Joust Creator

QuickDraw and GlowTag looks awesome. Time to dig out the rumpus moves
– Marie Foulston, Wild Rumpus


QuickDraw is currently being shown at the following events:

Rezzed 22nd-23rd June

E3 IndieCade 11-13 June

Vigerslev Library – 4th June

UKIE Westminster Reception – 3rd June

FreeToPlay Antwerp 1st June

Copenhagen w00t Festival 25-26th May

Bit of Alright 10th May

GameCity Nights 25th April

A MAZE Berlin 25-29th April