Greenfly Studios visits BBC Radio 5 Live

Posted by on Aug 6, 2013 in News | No Comments

Last week, we had an exciting opportunity to visit the BBC at MediaCity Salford. Specifically, it was to take part on the GameOn show for BBC Radio 5 Live with Andy Rosser. Andy wanted to explore the indie side of game development and asked if Stephen would be willing to come along to the studio to be part of the roundtable.


Joining us via Skype was Wesley Yin-Poole, news editor for EuroGamer, and Laura Kate Dale, founding journalist from IndieHaven. It was interesting to have several sides of the gaming industry being represented within the talk but it was pretty clear that for both mainstream and indie, getting visibility is incredibly hard.

It was a very exciting event for us here at Greenfly – our first radio interview and hopefully many more to come. We were forwarded a copy of the BBC Radio 5 Live show so have a listen: