Drop That Candy loved at Develop Brighton

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Last Tuesday, Katie and Stephen drove down to the sunny beaches of Brighton for the first ever exhibition of our upcoming iOS game ‘Drop That Candy’. After a 5 hour drive, we finally arrived at our accommodation and braved the searing heat with our bags laden with sweets. A 20 minute walk later, we barely made it to the Hilton Metropole and dashed inside before we melted on the street! Katie then got to work on our stand transforming it from a barren white stand to a treasure trove of candy delights and bright colours:

Drop That Candy Stand

Walking to the Hilton the next morning, the conversation was filled with trepidation, excitement and “will people like the game?” When we arrived, the other showcase finalists had arrived and it was great to meet them all. We had met/exhibited with Jennifer and Phil from Nyamyam a few times before so it was great to see them nominated. Reece from DampGnat was also there and setup behind us – we heard constantly giggling from delegates the entire exhibition! It was also great to meet both Derk from Paladin (Momonga Pinball), Richard from Sparpweed  and Neil from 232 Studios (Epic Eric).

Finally the doors were open and the public reception was amazing! The stand was constantly attended by the delegates and praise given for both the game and the stand. It was great to see so many people enjoying ‘Drop That Candy’ and spreading the word. Even Mark Rein, of Epic Games and Unreal fame, stopped by to have a play.


After 2 days of packed exhibiting, it was the Indie Showcase Awards. Although we didn’t win any of the prizes, a mighty congratulations to Josh Lawson (That Dragon, Cancer), Tom Francis (Gunpoint) and Sparpweed (Ibb & Obb). It was then time to finally celebrate with a well deserved pizza on the beach: