Greenfly Studios QuickDraw headed to Houses of Parliament

Posted by on Jun 3, 2013 in News | No Comments

Greenfly Studios has been invited to the Houses of Parliament by UKIE. As part of the drive to highlight the innovations made within the UK games industry, we have been selected to showcase QuickDraw and Joust. Both games are digitally enabled physical games for 2 to 7 players allowing people to move away from the screen and instead focus on each other. Physical games such as QuickDraw allow people to embrace the theatricality and fun of existing folk games in a new and unexpected way.

QuickDraw photo courtesy of Jessica Bernard ( — in London, England.  QuickDraw video

We are incredibly honoured to have been asked to come down and be part of the UKIE campaign for the UK Games Tax credits. The UK has a wealth of talent that needs to be cultivated and events like these help convince those who are unaware of the importance of the UK’s gaming industry.