EuroGamer Reveals PSMove Party Game QuickDraw

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Stephen recently sat down with Jeffrey Matulef from EuroGamer to talk about our upcoming physical game QuickDraw. We’ve reprinted the article down below:

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Greenfly Studios – creators of EG App of the Day Ski Solitaire – have revealed the brilliant-sounding party game QuickDraw, a PS Move-based game that doesn’t use the TV.

It works exactly how it sounds. Two to seven players dawn their Move controllers like guns, then at the sound of a gunshot, they all try to shoot each other. If your controller flashes red then turns off it means you’ve been hit. The last man (or woman) standing is the winner.

There are three modes to the game. Gentleman’s Walk sees each player clutching their Move wand vertically against their chest with their back to their opponent(s). They then walk a handful of paces – to the tune of a ringing church bell – away from one another before a gunshot signals that it’s time to turn around and fire.

Mexican Standoff is played with all players facing each other in a circle with their wands at their hips as if holstered. Finally, Outlaws vs. Sheriffs is similar to Mexican Standoff, only with the players divided into teams. Each team is judged based on speed and aim, and the team with the best score wins.

Of course we’ve seen video-less video games before with the likes of Johann Sebastian Joust and the forthcoming Spin the Bottle, but it’s still a relatively niche affair. So niche that QuickDraw isn’t yet commercially available, but Greenfly Studios Stephen Morris told us that “QuickDraw will be made commercially available for Macs in the near future.”

When I asked about releasing it on the Move’s native platform, the PS3, Morris said, “We haven’t gotten to the point to talking to Sony yet – this is definitely on the radar however. With the success of Johann Sebastian Joust, it’s clear there is (and will be) a market for no-screen digitally enabled PS Move games and I’m incredibly excited to explore this area.”

He further added that “QuickDraw has been really well received at several events here in the UK this year and I’m looking forward to showing it at even more events during the year,” including PAX Prime and IndieCade.

Additionally, Greenfly Studios is working on another screenless wonder, GlowTag [working title].

GlowTag is basically Tag, only everyone has a Move controller in their rear pocket with the trigger facing outward, and the person who is “it” has a glowing wand and must avoid having their trigger squeezed for as long as possible. Once they’ve been caught, another random person will be selected to be “it.”

When the round ends, the person who survived being “it” the longest will have their controller light up to indicate that they are the winner.

Amusingly, since the controller is in your back pocket, you won’t know right away if you’re “it” and will only determine that when the other players all shift their steely gaze onto you and give chase. Thus, you’ll have to stay on your toes the entire time, never being quite sure when you’re the target.

Morris noted that GlowTag “is Mac also and would most likely be available shortly after QuickDraw. If Sony are up for allowing QuickDraw on PSN, GlowTag would definitely follow it.”

GlowTag is currently only in its preliminary form, but it looks stupendously fun. Check it out in the video below.