Client: DeNA Co. Ltd
Platforms: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
Available Here:

Greenfly was commissioned by DeNA Co. Ltd to revisit the arcade Snake genre and to develop a new game using modern gameplay techniques whilst retaining the core mechanics. We thoroughly enjoyed working with the team at DeNA and we look forward to working with them again.

App Description

A snake game with a twist! Swipe and collect lost treasure, whilst avoiding hazards, on The Great Tales adventure around the world.

Gather coins and gems by visiting mysterious jungles with its hidden spikes and poisonous spiders. Explore the hidden ruins in Peru, raid the forgotten Mayan temples and cross the harsh Egyptian deserts. Dangerous hazards and tricky objectives await your challenge!

– SNAKE GAME REINVENTED! – Go on an adventure and collect lost treasure while avoiding traps and enemies.
– OVER 50 LEVELS! – Explore stages set in jungles, ruins, temples and deserts from Peru to Egypt.
– CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS! – How long can you survive? Play the Endless mode and challenge your friends on Facebook for the highest score!