Drop That Candy: Project Development Update

Posted by on Feb 13, 2013 in News | No Comments

Drop That Candy has recently received a fresh batch of updates. Whilst Stephen has been working on technical and puzzle design, Katie and a lovely gang of freelance designers have been busy crafting the look and sound of the game.

Heather “Dinobot” Shephard, an artist who has worked for Sega and on Harry Potter amongst other titles, has been busy converting our initial sketches into full-colour renders.

Drop That Candy Initial Sketches to Final Render

Nick Hilditch, an animator who has worked for Aardman Digital and BAFTA award-winning Complete Control, is busy bringing Gizmo to life. We’re excited to finally see our character running around the screen and generally being the cheeky creature he was born to be.

Drop That Candy Initial Poses to Finalised Poses

Adgio Hutchings, of Walt Disney and Konami fame, is busy working on the audio to bring Drop That Candy to life. We’ve always believed audio is critical to complementing and exemplifying gameplay and so we’re happy Adgio is taking the helm.