Greenfly Studios selected as IGF Judge

Posted by on Nov 1, 2012 in News | No Comments

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The Independent Gaming Festival (IGF) judging is now officially underway and we can officially announce that we are participating as an IGF judge. As the event is dedicated to encouraging and recognising the best independent game developers, this year sees an epic 600 titles have been submitted for review by their peers. Although there are a few judges to help with the review process (luminaries such as Andy Nealen of Hemisphere Games, Ricky Hagget of Honeyslug, Bennett Foddy, Petri Puhro and the list goes on), it is no less intimidating!

There are already some standout titles included within the mix: Hotline Miami and FTL have already been presented with many acolades this year but 2D Boy’s ‘Little Inferno’, ex-Biohazard Devs ‘Gone Home’ and MouseChiefs ‘7 Grand Steps’ are all worthy contenders for the finalist positions. We’ve also found unexpected gems such as Starseed Pilgrim, a wonderfully simple game that increasingly layers its emergent mechanics to create a lovingly complex masterpiece.

The judging will continue until December 2nd when all the votes are tallied and the finalists shortlisted for the ceremony at GDC 2013. There is no rest however as it will then switch over to the Student Competition with a staggering 300 titles to sift through. With previous success stories such as Unfinished Swan and Narbacular Drop (later known as Portal), it is a stepping platform for students to exhibit their work.

We are incredibly excited to be a part of the IGF committee this year especially with the level of quality so high from all entries. This year has been an exciting time for indie developers and the entries clearly showcase the future of games.