Best of British Winter Hack: Mind Candy HQ

Posted by on Nov 19, 2012 in News | No Comments

This weekend, Greenfly took part in the winter themed Best of British hack at Mind Candy HQ, the home of Moshi Monsters. The 48 hour event is a continuation of the previous Best of British Summer Sports app with the focus still on a series of rapid-fire mini-games played against the clock.

Unity provided licenses for the event and Alistair Aitcheson (of Greedy Bankers and Galaxy Ball fame) supplied the framework that connected the ragtag collection of games together.

As the Best of British is a collective of mobile developers – including Big Pixel (Off The Leash), Future Games of London (Hungry Shark), Game&Mash (Graveyard Shift) and Spilt Milk Studios (Hard Lines) – dedicated to sharing connections and collaborating. Stephen partnered up with Dan Pearce (designer and artist for 10 Second Ninja) to develop two games:

We’re currently compiling the games together in anticipation for a winter release.