Greenfly attends PlayExpo Manchester

Posted by on Oct 16, 2012 in News | No Comments

Saturday and Sunday marked the weekend of PlayExpo, this time hosted in the mighty city of Manchester. Conveniently located next to the Trafford Centre, we went down on Sunday to see what the (hopefully recurring) event had to offer.

Stepping onto the floor, we were immediately greeted with the multitude of flickering CRT TVs running the largest collection of retro consoles. Sega Genesis, SNES, Atari were all present as well as the flashing pinball machines with their chorus of satisfying clinks. Although not as large as EuroGamer, it was packed with Streetfighter 4 and CoD competitions as well as industry giants EA, Konami and Nintendo WiiU.

Unfortunately we weren’t able to exhibit this year however developers Utopian World of Sandwiches were flying the indie flag with their Microsoft XBLA title “Chompy Chomp Chomp.” Having initially met James at the Launch “Meet The Games Press” event and Develop Brighton, we were eager to finally sit down (on a modified Chompy Space Hopper!) and play. With much shouting and jostling, we routinely stole the top spot but made a quick departure before Team Utopian could roll up their collective sleeves and show us how it’s really done!

We are eager to show-off our upcoming game “Drop That Candy” next year at as many expos as possible so with the proposed PlayExpo IndieZone planned for next year, it will be great to have a more local exhibition space. Very exciting times ahead!