148Apps and IndieGameMag feature “Best of British Summer Sports”

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As the result of the 48 hour BoBhack in July 2012, Best of British Summer Sports is now out to download on the Apple App Store. Featuring Viking rowing, gymnast throwing and electrifying un-synchronised swimmers, this eclectic collection of British WarioWare-esque mini-games is being well received amongst journalists:

“Given how much fun Best of British Summer Sports is, we can’t wait to see what the collective can come up with next. The British iOS development industry is looking pretty strong indeed.” – Jennifer Allen, 148Apps

“Overall the game is extremely fun to play, it’s hard to believe it was developed in only 48 hours. Of course there was some polish in preperation for the App Store, but still impressive none the less. One reviewer stated “If you like Warioware then you’ll love this”, I couldn’t agree more!” – Charles Ferrendelli, IndieGameMag

The Best of British initiative is a collection of British based mobile developers. Originally started by Will Luton, Creative Director at Mobile Pie, the movement is designed to empower indie developers across the UK. Rather than competing against each other, the emphasis on collaboration allows for members to expand their networks and stand out collectively in the avalanche of the app store. By capitalising on the collectives experience, each of the individual developers can begin to expand on the sense of community and British camaraderie.

Developers currently involved with Best of British:

Mind Candy (Moshi Monsters)
Mobile Pie (Home Sheep Home 2, My Star)
Bix Pixel (Land-a-Panda, Off The Leash, Piyo Blocks)
Greenfly Studios (Ski Solitaire, Drop That Candy!)
FGOL (Grabatron, Hungry Shark)
Moo Yu (Ring Fling)
Spilt Milk Studios (Hard Lines, Crunch: The Game)
Game & Mash (Graveyard Shift)
Alistair Aitcheson (Greedy Bankers)
Onimob (Leaf Rider)
IndieSkies (Boulder Run, Paradise Golf)