iOS Manchester Presentation

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iOS ManchesterYesterday evening I did a 30 minute talk at Madlab for iOS Manchester – a collection of like-minded developers and hobbyists all interested in Apple devices. It was really nice of them to invite me to present and asked if I could share the experiences we had as an iOS developer. I cobbled together a presentation taking in the information we learned from developing our first game Ski Solitaire and our recent attendance at ‘Meet the Games Press‘, and it proved quite fun.

Having originally lectured at Staffordshire University, presenting in front of 200 students and an intimate gathering of 15 peers is as different as night and day! Although I stumbled a few times, I got the information across and people come up afterwards thanking for the insight.

If you are interested in Apple devices and are based in Manchester, I would definitely recommend attending one of the monthly events. iOS Manchester is on once a month in MadLab, set in Manchester’s funky Northern Quarter, filled with quirky characters and great to be part of.